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Hand Therapy Specialists in Austin TX

Hand therapy is a specialized area of rehabilitation. At Texas Orthopedics, we offer hand therapy in Northwest and Central Austin, Cedar Park, and Round Rock, Texas. Several of our physical therapists have advanced skills in hand therapy, including two certified hand therapists (CHTs).

Hand therapists provide continuing care for individuals with hand injuries or conditions and for those who have had hand surgery. They can also help an individual with a hand injury return to work by making workplace modifications.

If you have hand or wrist pain, a Texas Orthopedics hand therapist will work with your doctor to determine treatments that are appropriate for you. Hand therapy can reduce pain and swelling. It can help restore strength and mobility. It can also promote healing and reduce scar formation.

Hand therapy treatments vary and depend on the type of condition you have, the extent of your condition, and your goals. It is common for therapy to include hand exercises and splinting. You may need to wear hand splints while your hand is at rest, during work, or both. Hand splints can help your hand heal, reduce pain, and improve function. We may also use heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and other modalities to treat hand and wrist problems.

Hand therapy can help with the following conditions:

Hand therapy may be the solution to your hand or wrist pain. See a certified hand therapist at Texas Orthopedics today. Contact a location near you.